Camel Silver

Camel Silver is one of the lightest brands from Camel cigarettes presented by R.J. Reynolds. Who are the target consumers of Camel Silver cigarettes? Of course they are women and social smokers. The cigarettes contain just 0,4 mg of nicotine and 4 mg of tar. Apart of relevantly low nicotine and tar content, Camel Silver has stylish silver package and pleasant design. These cigarettes are a good choice for both men and women.

When the production of Camel Silver was launched, the cigarettes had the other name – Camel Super Lights. However in 2010 FDA adopted new regulations prohibiting to use the words “Light”, “Lights”, “Super Lighrs”, “Ultra Lights” in the name of cigarette brands. That is why R.J. Reynolds and other cigarette manufacturers started to use color-coding system.

Camel Silver as any other cigarettes of Camel brand are made of Turkish and American (Virginia) tobacco blend. However Camel cigarettes sold outside the United States by JT International do not contain Turkish tobacco, instead they are produced in Romania with local tobacco.

The majority of online cigarette stores offer to buy Camel Silver produced in Romania and other countries of Eastern Europe. Therefore the cigarettes are much cheaper than those produced in United States. The difference between American and European cigarettes is that European ones are a bit lighter due to the longer filter they have.